Art courses

Ixora art Academy was founded in the year 2020, with a vision to help out every individual to maximize their potential in fine arts. We offer a wide range of courses designed professionally by Artists themselves to suit every individual. Under the guidance of Artists and Facilitators well versed in realism, portrait painting, abstract, landscape, and creative study, in mediums ranging from oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, ink, pastels, pen, etc., you will become the best version of the Artist you could be.

Art course details

The beginner artists program focuses on every child’s crucial developments by encouraging them to express themselves while also teaching them the basics of art as a medium/tool to build confidence.
With creative lessons being a part of our curriculum, we encourage every child to be their own unique self in every possible way which highly aids in their overall growth.

Our Intermediate I and II programs focused focus on children who are interested in art and ready to explore and be exposed to various mediums such as pencil, pen& ink, pastels, poster, watercolor, creative study, and so on. This program is all about introducing new concepts in art and its application.

The advanced program focuses on offering pre-professional artistic training with live demonstrations and simplified ways of understanding concepts and mediums. It also focuses on developing their observational skills and knowledge of creative art.